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December 27 - January 3, 1941

The great and the good of Swindon sent New Year messages to Advertiser readers.  Sir Noel Arkell declared that he was proud to be born a Briton, adding ‘we strive for self preservation, but we also strive to save the world from barbarism, and God will not forget us.’

The Mayor of Swindon, Alderman F.E. Allen sent greetings to both long time and more recent residents evacuated to the town.  He urged the people of Swindon ‘to face the coming year with fortitude in the knowledge that the ultimate victory will bring with it not only peace for ourselves but the return of their countries to the peoples of the occupied territories.’

While rationed Swindon housewives struggled to feed their families, food wastage in British Army camps was attributed to the soldiers excessive meat allowance.

“At present the Army meat ration is about 4½lb a week, much more than the civilian can buy for his weekly allowances of 1s 10d,” reported the Advertiser.

Under increased criticism the War Office agreed that if a reduction in the civilian meat ration became necessary, the Army would accept a cut as well.

“The soldier in this country today is not working more strenuously nor under going greater hardship and danger than are hundreds of civilian war workers,” the report concluded.

Lord Woolton, wartime Minister for Food, appealed to the public to cut down on their meat consumption and eat more potatoes. 

In a radio broadcast Lord Woolton urged listeners to avoid imported foodstuffs in favour of home grown produce.

“We English people have given up making porridge, and have all sorts of imported breakfast foods instead,” he said.  “We cannot afford shipping space for breakfast foods when we have ample supplies of good oats in this country.”

Swindon’s MP Mr W.W. Wakefield handed over a cheque for £5,300 to Col J.J. Llewellin, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Aircraft Production, Swindon’s contribution to the Spitfire Fund started by the late Mayor Harry Hustings.

Children and friends, pictured at a Christmas tea at Olive House held at the end of December.

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