Saturday, April 14, 2012

September 26 - October 2, 1940

National news dominated the Advertiser front pages this week in 1940 as Japan entered into a new Tri-Partite Pact with Germany and Italy.

“Today’s developments have strengthened the belief in well informed quarters in Washington that the United States may be in the war by the spring, if not sooner,” the Washington correspondent of the New York Herald-Tribune reported.

As the serving Mayor’s term of office drew to a close the Swindon Spitfire Fund inaugurated by Councillor H.R. Hustings topped £3,300.

Donations this week in 1940 included 8s from two little girls who had sold their toys. The Swindon Cellular Clothing Company, which donated 10s raised through their waste paper collection, were praised for setting a good example to other local firms.

Two new acquisitions went on display at the Swindon Museum this week. A lock stitch belt driven sewing machine invented by Alan B. Wilson of New York in 1849 and a single stitch sewing machine dating from about 1845, donated by Mrs Munroe of 22 Morrison Street, were snapped by the Advertiser photographer.

Figures quoted at a meeting of the Swindon Food Control Committee revealed the changing nature of Swindon’s transient population. In the second rationing period from July 8 there were 1,110 local changes, 3,224 removals into Swindon and 1,769 out.

The figures for September were 670 local changes, 2,031 removals into Swindon and 980 out. In addition approximately 3,000 people who had not technically moved into the town were supplied with emergency cards.

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