Friday, April 20, 2012

October 3-9, 1940

Two accidents in Swindon this week included a collision between a Bristol bus and a horse drawn bread van in Marlborough Road. A delivery boy named Graver of 119 Westcott Place was injured and taken to the Victoria Hospital. Meanwhile on Cricklade Street a lorry load of straw collapsed and the pavement was blocked with trusses of straw.
And a speeding driver told Malmesbury magistrates that she would not drive a car again until the end of the war. And she also intended passing a driving test as well. Provisional licence holder, Mrs Ethne M. Williams of 27 Bath Road was disqualified from driving for two years and fined £5 following a collision with an army ambulance on the Pewsey-Marlborough Road near Gipsy Corner. Mrs Williams, who hit the ambulance and then veered across the road and crashed into a tree, admitted she might have gone round the bend at too fast a speed. Acting in her defence, Mr Parker said that it would cost a considerable amount to repair the car, and that his client had sustained cuts to her face. She had been punished to a certain extent already for her lack of experience, he said, and the accident had upset her so that she had decided she would not drive again until the end of the war and until she had passed a driving test.
Lend to Attack was the popular slogan suggested for Swindon's War Weapons Week set for November 11-18 with Mr T Harold Smith calling on bombs for Berlin to focus Swindon savers. A public meeting at the Town Hall enthusiastically welcomed the scheme, an intensification of the national savings campaign. A fund raising target of £200,000 was set which worked out at about £3 6s 8d per head of the population, a tall order for cash strapped Swindonians. Mr Cheyney, Borough Treasurer Secretary, reported that Swindon's average weekly savings in 1940 had so far been about £20,000 with £45,000 the highest amount raised in any one week. Captain J. Tasker, Deputy Commissioner for the Southern Region, said that War Weapons Week involved a tremendous amount of organisation. Other towns had supported the effort with street decorations, processions and even exhibitions of captured German aircraft. Mr T.G. Gay, secretary of the Swindon Branch of the League of Nations Union, was appointed Secretary and a committee was proposed to draw up the weeks' events.
Carnival Queen, Eileen Gordon, pictured with Swindon Mayor, Coun. H.R. Hustings, was among volunteers who donated blood under the Army Transfusion Service Scheme this week.

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