Tuesday, January 24, 2012

March 29-April 4, 1940

Among the weddings that took place in Swindon this week in 1940 were those of William Harding and his bride Dorothy White and Henry Reeves to Phyllis Vines. But while romance was in the Swindon air, sadly a staff reported on the Advertiser took a rather sour view of the whole matrimonial mania.

'If figures were available I expect that the number of weddings in this district, in churches, chapels and register offices, during the last few months (and particularly during Easter) must constitute a record,' he writes. 'What surprises me is the money spent on weddings by people who can ill afford it. Still I suppose I shouldn't grudge women the show they love on what, perhaps, is the biggest day of their lives,' he concludes.

Revised fares on Swindon Corporation buses saw the removal of an anomaly by which passengers were charged as much for travelling from Coate to Bath Road as they were for the Coat to Town Hall journey. The new Coate to Bath road fare was fixed at two and a half pence.

Recently released figures revealed the February death toll in Swindon numbered 150, almost double the number of births. Fifty cases of pneumonia were notified with six cases of Cerebro Spinal fever, six of diphtheria and 11 cases of scarlet fever. There had been 49 births in the maternity home at Kingshill.

Trained by Ivor Anthony at Wroughton, the well fancied Quartier-Maitre gave champion jockey Gordon Richards his first Lincolnshire Handicap win.

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