Thursday, January 26, 2012

April 5-11, 1940

Since the outbreak of war, Walter Grey 72 year old Highworth Rural District Councillor, has knitted one cardigan, one jumper, two Balaclava helmets, three hoods, one scarf, eight pairs of mittens and 15 pairs of socks.

"No woman can whack me at knitting," declared Mr Grey who donated the items he had made to the Comforts for Soldiers campaign.

Mr Grey learned to knit during his Army career, serving with the Wiltshire Regiment in India in the 1880s, and had knitted many hundreds of items for his family.

Generally he spends seven hours a day with the needles and wool and has amazed all women expert knitters.

An estimated 300,000 25 year olds registered for military service as it was announced there would be a second call up later in the month, the first time this had happened since the outbreak of war. Registration for men who had reached the age of 26 during 1939 would bring the total of those who had responded under the Military Training and National Service Acts to about 1,850,000.

Jack Tod of Avenue Road, Swindon is pictured putting the finishing touches to a model of the Duke of Monmouth Hotel, Bridgewater, which he made from used matches glued together. Mr Tod, a compositor by trade, used about 5,000 matches to make the model.

While Lois Smith of 326 Cricklade Road, Swindon is pictured with the 16 inch high rhubarb plant which she grew in a bucket in a cupboard in her kitchen.

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