Friday, December 16, 2011

October 26 - November 1, 1939

Swindon theatre-goers were obviously enjoying the Playhouse performance of Jack's the Lad, starring Jack Mayo, advertised as 'a bright and lively show with scarcely a dull moment.'

"Jack's particular brand of humour goes down well in Swindon and his fund of stories and quips is limitless," enthused the Advertiser theatre critic.

Supporting artists included singer Pauline Belmore and 'personality girl' Jean Collins while 'neat dancing' by the Northern Lights dance troupe helped to make up the programme.

Meanwhile, The Importance of being Earnest by Oscar Wilde was playing at neighbouring New Theatre, Oxford. A star-studded cast list included John Gielgud, Edith Evans, Peggy Ashcroft and Margaret Rutherford.

Swindon's cinemas were busy too, with something to suit all tastes. Gilbert & Sullivan's Mikado showed at the Regent while at the Palace in Gorse Hill, Spencer Tracy and Mickey Rooney starred in Boys' Town.

Cinema-goers at the Arcadia Palace were on the edge of their seats when James Mason was revealed as the killer in I Met a Murderer.

Regulars at the Palladium, Rodbourne Road, watched Frederic March and Virginia Bruce in the romantic comedy There Goes My Heart while John Loder and Rex Harrison appeared in The Silent Battle, a mystery thriller set aboard the Orient Express bound for Istanbul at the Empire.

'Ladies, keep a pair of slacks at your bedside to slip on easily. Cosy warmth, reassuring dressiness, better than a skirt' - Ladies outfitters Hope & Co. of 21/23 Faringdon Road, seized on the air raid as a new advertising ploy.

Leading Stoker Arthur James Davis was reported missing from HMS Iron Duke, deployed with the Home Fleet at Scapa Flow. Mr Davis joined the Navy in October 1923 and was due to retire in 1940. As a boy he worked at Buscot Park on the estate of the late Lord Faringdon.

Two local farming families were joined by the marriage of Miss Eileen Theresa Ody to Mr Richard Powell Sainsbury. The bride was the elder daughter of Mr and Mrs C.V. Ody, of Lower Snodshill Farm, Coate, and the groom was the son of Mr E.V. Sainsbury of Manor Farm, Kempsford. Carrying on the family farming tradition, the couple made their new home at Lyegrove Farm, Badminton.

Black-out regulations saw the introduction of a general closing time of 6pm for Swindon shops on four nights a week with one late night opening. Wednesday remained early closing.

The Ministry of Agriculture announced the Waste Not - Want Not campaign and invited people to write to 'a new bright ideas' department with suggestions on cutting waste.

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